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Changing hairstylists is a very big deal and because I moved I had to find one. I am so happy I found Jodi. Wonderful colors and cuts every time! Great customer service and an honestly nice person. Keep up the great work Jodi.

My new best friend! It's been forever since I've had a stylist that listens and understands what I want! Great job Jodi - I'll be back for sure! 

Ginger Main

I know this is hard to believe, but I have a stubborn daughter. Belle found this picture of how she wanted her hair done and did not want to deviate from that. It was a tad on the unrealistic side for how dark her hair was. I took her with me to see Jodi Strother and she did belles hair almost to a t but it wasn't quite what belle had in mind still. Jodi came in today on her day off to do belles hair again. I'm pretty sure I saw happy tears today when Jodi finished. And to top things off she styled my hair too! If you are looking for a hairstylist that truly has a passion for what they do, go see Jodi. She is ridiculously knowledgeable and is constantly learning new techniques. She bends over backwards to make her clients happy with how they look and feel. Thank you again Jodi! You are awesome!

Chloe Morse
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